• 04-JAN-2016

Hot Air Balloons Fill Mesquite Skies for Annual Festival, Jan. 23 – 24

Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival

MESQUITE, Nev. — Brilliant displays of colored hot air balloons will fill the Mesquite skies during the Hot Air Balloon Festival. The annual festival, held from Jan. 23–24, is a race for pilots through the beautiful Virgin Valley.

Each morning, the Stars and Stripes balloon will launch first, gracefully ascending into the morning light and marking the beginning of the race. More than 40 other balloons will chase the Stars and Stripes balloon during the race around the stunning Valley. The evenings will conclude with a balloon glow, offering a breathtaking view of the inflated balloons lit by their burners. Spectators are welcome to watch the sky fill, get an up-close view of the balloons on display and talk with the pilots.